Training Opportunities

Student Research Assistants (SRAs)

Mentorship is extremely important to the DUB Lab. SRA positions are available to qualified undergraduate students. Undergraduate research assistants will have the opportunity to collaborate with the research team on study tasks and gain leadership skills through task specialization throughout their time at the DUB lab. An SRA position is a great way to gain exposure and valuable skills needed for research, and to strengthen a future application to graduate, medical, or other professional school.

As an undergraduate research assistant, your responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

●      Participant recruitment and retention

●      Interviews with research participants via phone or Zoom

●      Data collection and analysis

●      Study tracking tasks

●      Preparation of research materials and other miscellaneous tasks

We prioritize student research assistantships to students who are interested in committing to:

●      Two consecutive semesters of volunteering

●      8 hours of volunteering per week

Research opportunities are also available through HP290/HP490 Directed Research for academic credit.

Please contact Lucy Schuler at with any questions you may have.

At this time, all current undergraduate research positions have been filled. When positions become available, this page will be updated accordingly. Please check back each semester for openings. Thank you for your continued interest in the DUB lab.