Cyber Boy

Welcome to Cyberball, the Interactive Ball-Tossing Game Used for Mental Visualisation!

In the upcoming experiment, we test the effects of practising mental visualisation on task performance. Thus, we need you to practice your mental visualisation skills. We have found that the best way to do this is to have you play an on-line ball tossing game with other participants who are logged on at the same time. 

In a few moments, you will be playing a ball tossing game with other students over our network.  The game is very simple.  When the ball is tossed to you, simply click on the name of the player you want to throw it to.  When the game is over, the experimenter will give you additional instructions. 

What is important is not your ball tossing performance, but that you MENTALLY VISUALISE the entire experience. Imagine what the others look like. What sort of people are they? Where are you playing? Is it warm and sunny or cold and rainy? Create in your mind a complete mental picture of what might be going on if you were playing this game in real life.